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Electric Trucks Will Replace Gas-Powered Trucks by the Middle of the Century

Electric trucks are slated to replace gas-powered trucks by the middle of the century. Ford plans to phase out combustion-engine trucks by 2040. But even though the technology is available today, electric heavy-duty trucks are still bulky and are not practical for long-distance travel. That said, there are signs of hope.

Rivian’s electric truck

Rivian has repeatedly said it will produce 25,000 electric trucks in 2022, but the company has been facing production and supply-chain challenges that have slowed its progress. But its third-quarter production total puts the full-year target within reach. The company must ramp up production to 822 units a week by year’s end in order to meet its stated production target.

Rivian is ramping up production of electric delivery vans and pickup trucks, but the company is struggling to find suppliers for its new electric vehicles. Its supply chain is undergoing massive disruptions, which could hamper the company’s plans for rapid growth. For now, CEO RJ Scaringe is trying to get his new electric vehicle brand off the ground and deliver the promised 100,000 delivery vans to Amazon.


Several automakers are experimenting with electric trucks, and Ford is one of them. The F-150 Lightning, an all-electric pickup truck, is due to start deliveries in May 2022. It’s expected to be the most popular electric truck on the market, and it’s a huge step forward for the automaker. Electric trucks have many advantages over conventional combustion engines, including reduced cost of gasoline, and fewer parts to maintain.

In addition to a gas-free drive, the Ford Lightning features the most advanced technology and a fully electric interior. Other notable features include 22-inch black accent wheels, an extended-range battery, and a 9.6-kW backup generator. For added comfort and convenience, the truck also includes a 15.5-inch touchscreen and intelligent safety and convenience features. Ford is offering incentives for its electric trucks, including a federal tax credit for new vehicles.


GM’s electric trucks will arrive in the market in the next few years. Several models have been revealed, including the Silverado EV. It will have a range of 400 miles. The starting price for a basic work truck version will be around $39,000 and the fully loaded RST First Edition will cost almost $105,000. The EVs will be available for purchase in the middle of 2022, and GM has a timeline of 2023 to complete production of the first models.

GM has stated that it will build electric trucks in five of its North American plants. One of these is its Flint Assembly plant, which builds heavy-duty pickups. GM has not announced a specific date for the Flint plant to build the EV truck because it is negotiating labor agreements with unions. GM has said that it plans to transition to all-electric vehicles by the year 2035.


A Tesla electric semi tractor spotted off the I-10 in Arizona is now on its way to the gigafactory in Texas. The truck is sporting an unusual license plate reading 63277 34P. It’s also sporting a tape covering the A-pillar. The interior has yet to be seen, but it’s possible to see the steering wheel through the windshield. The Tesla truck’s cabin is expected to be more forward-looking than the current Model S trucks.

The Tesla Semi truck is a Class 8 electric truck that is scheduled to launch in December. It’s believed that the truck will be built near the Tesla Gigafactory battery factory. It will take around a year to ramp up production. Tesla expects to produce 50,000 units per year by 2024.


The Rivian R1T is a high-end electric crossover that will be available late in 2022. The R1T features a five-year/60,000-mile comprehensive warranty and an eight-year/175,000-mile powertrain warranty. It also comes with corrosion protection. The R1T is fast and offers great off-road capability.

Rivian says it is on track to meet its production guidance of 25,000 electric trucks by 2022. The first production models will have a battery pack of 128 kWh and can cover 314 miles on the EPA cycle. The company expects to release a smaller battery pack variant in 2023. The R1T can achieve 74 MPGe in the city and 66 MPGe on the highway. It will also be capable of 70 MPGe in combined driving. The company plans to install 3,500 DC fast charging stations across the United States. These charging stations will have a capacity of 200 kW.


Ram has announced plans for a new electric pickup truck. It will use 400 and 800-volt technology. The electric motors will deliver a combined output of 201 hp and 330 kW or 449 PS. It will also have a range-extender model with a gasoline engine. This will allow it to have a longer range while towing. It will compete with the Ford E-Transit and GM’s Brightdrop EV600. Rivian’s EDV is already in service with Amazon.

The electric 1500 truck was teased a while ago, but the marketing team left out outlines and showed more than they wanted. The company also teased a delivery van called the ProMaster that will be electric and run on the Amazon platform.


The XT, an electric pickup truck, is the first production-ready prototype from Atlis Motor Vehicles. The company estimates that production will begin in late 2022. It has signed a collaboration agreement with ArcelorMittal, a leading automotive steel manufacturer, to accelerate development.

As a result of the agreement, ATLIS will be able to provide 270 charging stations throughout Australia. The company has also announced plans to produce battery cells locally.

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