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The Future of Four-wheeled SUVs Depends on What Brand of Vehicle We Choose

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is an ultra retro style, full-sized SUV. Launched as a concept vehicle at theJanuary 2021 North American International Auto Show, this mid-sized vehicle was accepted for production later that year, and appeared in the fall of the same year. Toyota had retained the FJ Cruiser as its daily driver, although the vehicle has received significant changes since its debut. There are four major model lines from which to choose; the FJ Cruiser, the TRD Proving Ground (TMG), the Limited Edition Performance Pack (limited to 200 vehicles worldwide), and the Super Handling All Weather (which features an extended wheelbase).

A relatively new production vehicle, the Toyota FJ Cruiser was revealed just before its official debut. It has been a long time coming, having first been introduced as an interim design concept at the Tokyo Motor Show in late 2021. With the Japanese economy still recovering from the global economic crisis of late, the company was forced to release limited quantities to gauge consumer reaction to their latest mid-sized sedan. Although the company ultimately decided to scrap the concept, the fj cruiser is one vehicle that has consistently retained strong demand.

Toyota’s limited edition version of the FJ Cruiser has seen good sales in Japan and Hong Kong, though it has struggled in the U.S., where it has faced stiff resistance from General Motors and its Chevrolet division. Sales of the final production model have not met initial sales projections, despite an aggressive marketing campaign. One contributing factor may be the limited number of models available, as well as lower overall quality. Despite the lower pricing on these final editions, the tradeoff has been less than successful. Despite the quality issue, however, we feel the cruiser is still one of the best choices for a family or passenger SUV.

The limited production model was meant to showcase changes for the production vehicle, such as shorter body length and a more aggressive stance. As it turns out, those changes are paying off for the fj-s cruiser concept, as it has received great reviews from auto magazines and car websites around the world. The front end of the vehicle has received a significant upgrade, with a sleeker looking bumper treatment and redesigned windscreen vents. The suspension also appears to be improved, with both the rear and front suspensions receiving upgraded components. It is unclear what role, if any, the new suspension will play, but we would expect to see it become an important selling point for the concept.

Speaking of competition, Toyota’s new C-MAX crossover is also slated to receive an update. Like the fj-s cruiser, the C-MAX features an updated grille and bumper covers, though the look of the front end is more traditional. Expect to see a similar design that flows gracefully over the hood and front ends, but this time, the front grilles will appear to match those on the fj-s models. A new set of hood vents has also been debuted along with redesigned front and rear bumpers. Overall, this update should give the C-MAX convertible even more appeal, especially to those who are looking for a sporty but refined family sedan.

While the fj-s cruiser is not set to debut for another few years, it is worth noting that production on these vehicles is beginning to ramp up. Auto makers are always looking to do something new to give their products a new edge, so it is likely that the fj Cruiser concept will quickly be changed into a production model once its debut is made official. For now, take your pick between the suv and the new cruiser. Whichever one you choose, you will surely have a blast driving it on the open road.

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