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Isuzu Car – A Green Car Corporation

Isuzu Car – A Green Car Corporation

Isuzu Car is one of the leading makers of high performance and reliable cars at affordable prices. Isuzu Motors, trading as Isuzu, is an Japanese company based in Tokyo. Its main business is diesel engines and car manufacturing, specializing in small and mid-sized diesel engines for diesel and diesels, using the latest technologies. Since the company’s establishment in 1933, Isuzu has expanded vigorously into auto parts market, employing various techniques and strategies to expand into new areas. It strives to maintain its unique competitive edge by constantly striving to improve its products, services, and customer relations.

In the last three decades, Isuzu established itself firmly in the Japanese automobile industry. It is famous for its innovative technological developments and advanced designs, making Isuzu one of the most popular manufacturers in Japan. With the company’s growing recognition, Isuzu decided to expand its automobile manufacturing to China, India and several European countries, including Italy. In India, Isuzu signed a deal with Hindustan Motors. In China, the company opened a new factory and introduced new models of Isuzu Qashqai, Qiana, Yaris, Celica, Nirvana, Etress, Haier, Nissan and Mitsubishi cars.

Isuzu automobile is known for its wide range of automobile models such as sedan, suv, mopar, touring, bi-cast utility and electric vehicles. It offers a comprehensive range of models for every kind of customer, such as sporty models for kids, comfortable sedans for family men, spacious utility trucks for construction work, four-wheel drive coupes, and MTU coupes and sedans. The company also manufactures subcompact and compact vehicles, sport utility vehicles, small trucks, and crosswind variants of the Isuzu cars. All these vehicles are designed for cost-effectiveness, durability, safety and maximum comfort.

Isuzu produces light and fuel-efficient vehicles in India. A majority of Isuzu cars are imported from China. Some of the popular models imported by Isuzu from China are Isuzuomin-8i, Isuzu Legend, IsuzuVan, Isuzu Veerana, Isuzu Mui Neem, Isuzu DSX, Isuzu PLV, Isuzu CVX, Isuzu PT Cruiser, Isuzu Dragon, and Isuzu Javelin. The automobile manufacturing unit in Chennai caters to the demands of local and export market. The automobile manufacturing unit uses state-of-the-art technology and machines to manufacture vehicles at low cost.

The company manufactures electric cars, suv, vans, pickups, mid-size trucks, bi-cast pickups, bi-cast tractors, diesel vehicles, diesels, and hybrid and flex fuel vehicles. The company has a strong future as it is one of the leading manufacturers in India. The Isuzu brand of automobile has been recognized by organizations like IIFA, NADA, and the Transport Industry Research Laboratory. Isuzu is a member of the Canyon Club, the Automobile Manufacturers Association of India, and the National Automobile Dealers Association of India. It also holds CMA and CE approvals.

Isuzu automobile is headquartered in Delhi and it has six plants in China, one each in Fujian, Chongqing and Guangdong. The company’s marketing strategy is “One Cool Indian”. In this strategy Isuzu Cars Co. Ltd. successfully marketed its electric car product in China. The company plans to expand its business aggressively in China and abroad. As per the research statistics, Isuzu has established a significant market share in China for electric and hybrid automobiles.

Isuzu Company produces both passenger and commercial vehicles. These range from conventional small and mid-sized sedans to mid-size SUVs, minibuses, and pickups. Isuzu is planning to introduce new vehicles in the future including passenger and commercial vans, utility vehicles, Jeeps, sport utility vehicles, buses, and vans. Apart from the domestic automobile segment, Isuzu is considering expanding its portfolio outside China.

Isuzu Car is the only privately held company that is dedicated to building electric and hybrid vehicles. The company is continuously researching for ways to improve fuel efficiency and reduce costs associated with emissions. The company has designed its product portfolio to complement its efforts to achieve these goals. Isuzu is committed to building cars that are greener, safer, and more fuel efficient. In addition, the company is committed to continually developing vehicles that provide superior customer satisfaction.

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