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Must-Have Auto Accessories for Your SUV

Everyone should have the basic car accessories that keeps safety purposeful at all times, for example jumper cables. Jumper cables could help rescue you in an emergency and help to keep your car running!

Like puncture repair kits, puncture repair kits often come in handy. Other practical car accessories include a puncture repair kit, also, and little garbage bins to fill your cupholders and hooks to hang things from your headrest (eg your grocery bags). Also bring a trunk organiser on board.

Tire Pressure Gauge

So, whenever you take a trip by car, checking and having appropriate tyre pressure is essential to ensure the comfort and safety while travelling. Most modern cars come equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) that makes things a lot easy for us for this particular chore; however, carrying a spare gauge is always a good idea.

Simply put, stick gauges are cheap, battery-free and easy to use point-of-reference tools that incorporate the following layered sequence: First, a seal is created around a valve stem by the gauge in order to compress air and create pressure against an internal ‘measuring bar’, this bar then pushes against the gauge and moves accordingly to display reading as a ‘point’ on an analog ‘clock face’ dial.

Digital instrument gauges are more complicated but easier to read, have significantly longer battery lives and might be less sensitive to cold temperatures, compared with analogue instruments, and so retain their accuracy more reliably after being dropped.

Cargo Organizer

You will be more than helpful if you buy a trunk organiser for your friends who have a trunk space because it comes with compartments and dividers that make it easier to prevent items from moving about while in transit in addition to taking up minimal storage space when they are not in use because you can easily fold them away to save on storage space when not needed.

Seat organisers are great for car-based businesses or families with small children in the back seats as they hang off your front seats, and have dividers and compartments designed to keep your wallet, toys and other paraphernalia within easy reach.

Simple Deluxe’s trunk organizer provides an efficient way to keep your clothing, shoes, sports equipment or tools organized in your trunk or backseat. Non-slip velcro on the bottom and straps with hooks to secure it in place; side pockets provide extra storage and carrying handles make this sturdy case that you can take anywhere.


Having a sunroof or moonroof is something all Eatontown drivers preach about; they know it’s an indispensable car gadget, allowing mild amount of diffused light into the interior as well as a breeze and open feeling.

Children can make the car interior an unhygienic place due to food and drink and other items slipping under seats or between backrests, so a seat hoover is a good precaution.

If you’re involved in an accident, a dashcam might help you avoid both legal hassles and the wrath of your insurance company. Because they record the view directly in front of you at all times (and, if your vehicle has blind spot sensors, the area on either side as well) a dashcam captures every single aspect of what it’s like to drive.

Car Cover

If you park your car outdoors, use, a cover easily provides protection from dirt, dust, debris and makes it harder to vandalise or steal the protective primarily helps to make your car less attractive to thieves and cover easily access. Furthermore, the fabric of the cover is breathable enough, so the moist inside of the car will remain, preventing mould or mildew development underneath the car.

For the person who parks on the street or in a dirty garage, this economical solution affords easy coverage. Easy to affix and remove as needed, the more expensive models are fitted to the exact width and length of your car, and can also be locked shut for security – and their tougher material also guards against bird droppings and tree sap!


Ryan Gosling gained a lot of press for driving around in Drive wearing a pair of gloves. They’re a functional accessory and a practical fashion statement — in addition to enabling some cool grip work on the wheel, gloves can reduce the vibrations that could tire your hand muscles.

Headrest hooks are another brilliant and cheap car accessory that help you keep your grocery bags and purses away from your passengers and out of their reach.
When not in use they neatly stow away in your glove box.

Do you think that every driver should carry a Bottle Jack in their trunk so that if they get a flat tyre they can easily lift their car and rip off the tyre and replace it right away ?

Bottle Jack

The bottle jack is arguably the most important piece of equipment that every 4×4 owner should carry; lightweight, compact, and a lifting capacity several times greater than that of its more cumbersome brother, the floor-jack, it really can get into those tight spots.

Bottle jacks do not reach most vehicle’s axle/chassis jacking points, and usually do not provide enough lifting height to allow one to safely remove a flat tyre in short order.

There are variety of off-road bottle jack sleeves and torin adapters available that give you more lift range, especially when combined with TORIN aluminium jacks* as wheel chock stands to help as a secure working area for vehicle maintenance purposes.

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