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Lamborghini Supercar – Welcome to the New Millennium

Lamborghini Supercar – Welcome to the New Millennium

Lamborghini Urus makes you a modern-day supercar. It’s like having a Lamborghini Diablo at your disposal. Its sporty, sleek design gives you a stylish, streamlined and sophisticated SUV. What makes it all the more attractive is its pronounced sporty personality that gives it the ability to transform from a driving necessity to a leisurely enjoyable vehicle. So what makes it a supercar?

The Lamborghini Urus comes with a Sport Strategy package, featuring a massive Advance Pack that introduces two new exterior designs: The Striking Black Lipstick and the striking White Lipstick. The Striking Black Lipstick is designed to highlight the powerful twin exhaust pipes. You can also get a striking fender lip for your Lamborghini Urus. The striking white SUV is enhanced with Brembo’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (TSD) system that gives you fingertip control while driving off road. The all-wheel drive system is equipped with a V-Bar, Tires: Michelin, and a carbon fiber tub to give you supreme performance and ultimate agility.

The SUV comes with an aggressive body kit, making it ultra unique. The massive rear diffuser improves low drag and higher lift. The air vents located at the front and rear of the body push more fresh air into the engine compartment, increasing engine efficiency. You can also get a massive projector headlights, the quad exhaust, full carbon fiber rear window and side skirts.

The Lamborghini Urus has been designed to compliment its striking looks. You can opt for either matte black or high gloss paint to suit your preferences. The kidney grille is sculptured to perfection and the front bumper carries the signature spindle exhaust. The kidney grille is also sported by the popular tuning catfish called the Spiter, whose unique shape allows it to be perfectly tailored to the Lamborghini urus. A twin exhaust system is also featured on the vehicle, featuring two discretely positioned exhausts, each contributing to the sporty, fast, yet powerful character of this supercar.

The Lamborghini urus comes with standard wheels in diameter of 15 inches, but you can upgrade to special edition tires, which improve grip, suspension and overall performance. A specially designed brake cooling duct enhances the overall performance of the vehicle. For extreme off road adventures, a stronger chassis frame is recommended. The strength of the chassis is enhanced by using the finest quality components such as aluminum front stabilizer bar, high performance front bumper, aluminum side skirts, front and rear bumpers, as well as rear stabilizers. You can even upgrade to a specially designed Lamborghini Xenon headlights.

The standard version of the Lamborghini SUV comes with standard, factory-integrated spoilers, but an optional aftermarket accessory called the suv spoilers can increase the overall size of the engine without increasing the size of the front or rear air vents. These suv spoilers are made of lightweight materials that allow them to be removed quickly and easily and are compatible with all aftermarket body kits. They not only increase the size of the engine by 10 percent, they improve the off-road capabilities of the vehicle as well, improving the performance of acceleration, speed, traction, braking and turning.

For more aggressive driving, you can upgrade to Lamborghini’s Torrevna Plus S model, which includes a comprehensive package including the powerful Lamborghini Diablo Santi body kit, the Lamborghini Diablo R exhaust, the stunning Brembo brakes, front and rear bumpers and the super stylish Fuchs styled tires. It is important to note that the standard kidney does not fit into the kidney collector cup, so you will have to choose one with the same size as the kidney. As part of the package, the supercharged V-8 is replaced with a powerful turbocharged engine, resulting in an astonishing acceleration increase of over nine hundred kilometers per hour. This is achieved thanks to the specially formed magnesium alloy spindle positioned behind the driver’s seat. The result is unbelievable acceleration, which Lamborghini Urus owners can appreciate while cruising at a top speed of 190 miles per hour.

When it comes to maneuverability, Lamborghini has designed the Urus to work perfectly in all weather conditions thanks to its lamborghini signature quadrolet layout. In fact, the suv has received many accolades for being the first vehicle in the world to feature this revolutionary all-wheel drive technology. Thanks to the advanced engineering used to optimize aerodynamic performance, the Lamborghini Urus SUV offers passengers a truly spectacular driving experience. No other vehicle on the road today offers such incredible handling abilities thanks to its innovative and technologically advanced air dam/slam sandwich that guarantees optimum vehicle stability at all times.

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