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Get a Glowing Auto Repair

“A lot goes into keeping up an auto repair shop,” says Jimmy Johnson. “You’ve got to have the tools, the employees and of course, the knowledge. You can’t do everything yourself.” It’s true, there’s a lot to consider when running a small auto repair shop. The first step is finding a way to sell your service – and that’s a subject matter all its own. Jimmy Johnson knows that selling your auto repair knowledge and skills takes some work.

” Alloy wheel refurbishment is our specialty,” says Jimmy Johnson. “We enjoy fixing rugged alloy wheels. We’re a small, no frill, family-owned business dedicated to high quality service and great customer care like no other. Our technicians are our best asset, as they are the eyes and ears of the shop. We’re so confident in our ability to repair wheels that we guarantee our work for life.”

Jimmy continues, ” Alloy wheel refurbishment provides an opportunity for long term sustainability. Not only will customers experience a flawless finish with our repairs, but they’ll also see you as a leader in the industry. If we do a good job, word will spread about our quality and the services we provide. And if customers know and trust us, they’ll keep coming back.”

Of course, not everyone can handle the specialized training and skill necessary for many types of Auto Repair Services, including wheel refurbishment. If you’re looking for a good quality wheel refurbishment job, you should know about Jimmy’s Quality Concepts, Inc. For decades, Jimmy has provided customers in the auto repair and replacement market with complete and efficient repair services, products and accessories. From brake repair to complete wheel refurbishment, from worn out components to damaged wheels, Quality Concepts’ selection can help you find exactly what you need. And with their low pricing and quality, no job is too large for Jimmy’s services.

Whether your brakes are shot or you have a serious brake repair problem, Quality Concepts has a quick and easy solution. From quick sandblasting to complete wheel refurbishment and beyond, Quality Concepts can help you restore or improve upon your vehicle’s appearance. From black finishes to polished flat lamination, Jimmy’s team of skilled technicians can make even the most serious damage look like new. If you want a smooth finish, they can match the colour of your original paint with a matching lacquer.

If your car or truck has suffered some curb rash damage, Jimmy’s wheel refinishing experts can offer quick repair and refinishing. From deep bleaching to hot staining and body filler, the professionals at Jimmy Cars can give you the finish you need to restore your car or truck to its previous glory. From chrome exterior paint to billet interior trim, they’ve got you covered. From damaged brake calipers and rotors to worn wheels, there’s no end to the upgrades you can get when you work with the professionals at Jimmy cars.

Aftermarket wheel refurbishment kits, whether made by chrome specialists or others, can often leave customers with an off-white colour match that’s hard to match. But you don’t have to suffer this fate. Quality Concepts’ team of highly skilled technicians can quickly and easily give you the flawless finish you want. From powdercoating to hot lamination, they can make almost any damage appear as good as new, without costing you an arm and a leg. They can even provide a custom colour match if you know what you’re looking for, and they can offer precision that even some car shows aren’t able to match. From chrome to platinum, you can rely on the high standards they build to deliver the results you want.

Whether you’re buying a new set of wheels for your vehicle or shopping for mobile alloy wheel repair, working with a specialist from the best company in the industry will leave you with the results you want. Quality Concepts can offer mobile wheel refurbishment services from brake repair to complete wheel refurbishment so you can get the finish you need fast, and without worrying about the damage to your vehicle. They can repair light and visible damage to your wheels as well as repairs that may not show up until your wheels are damaged even more. The professionals at Jimmy Cars are ready to help you if you have any concerns about the finish on your car, truck or SUV.

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