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Introducing Kia Picanto hatchback

Many people know about Kia Picanto hatchbacks but not many are aware of the customisation options available on the cars. With a choice of more than 120 different customisations, the Picanto is one of the most adaptable cars in the world. The great thing is that Kia has recognised the needs of its customers and has therefore put out cars which are both stylish and practical. When choosing the right customisation for your Kia Picanto, you need to think about how much money you’re prepared to spend and what kind of effect you want. The great news for Kia Picanto lovers is that the customisation options can be altered without too much trouble.

If you’re planning to change the look of your Kia Picanto you need to start by looking at the interior. This is probably the biggest area of the car where you can really make some alterations. The first option would be to fit a Picanto grille or hide out front air vents to improve the air flow through the cabin. If you want to add some style then a blacked out front grille could suit your taste. The two new options for the infotainment system on the kia picanto include the powerful Tiger-nose grille and the classy bespoke vanity.

Both these options are fitted for the front and rear headrest in black. A high performance dual-fire grille with Kia’s distinctive curvature is also available as standard on the Picanto along with two bespoke tail lamps. As part of the infotainment package, the head unit also incorporates a powerful twin-smelling dual-smelling fuel filter. If you’re looking for a more natured option, then the chic clarisa leather trim is available in either black or silver and also integrates the powerful twin-smelling fuel filter into the leather panel. The Kia Picanto also has a neat selection of floor mats and carpet extras.

If you’re looking to upgrade your Picanto without having to buy a brand new car, the easiest way is to get an alloy wheel that complements the styling of the Picanto. alloy rims can be found for the twenty, forty and fifty mile range for the Picanto and will complement the overall design of the vehicle. All the alloy rims come with genuine Picota badges which will allow you to identify the wheels even if they’ve been stolen. If you plan to keep your vehicle a secret from the rest of the family then the alloy wheel is a great way to keep it secure.

The second option available for adding luxury to your Picanto is to purchase a luxury upholstery package. Luxury upholstery comes in a range of colours including green and black and the interior is covered in plush, velvety material that’s easy to clean. The soft cover will also help protect your Picanto from the elements so you won’t need to buy an expensive set of mats to protect it from hailstorms. The Picanto’s soft upholstery can also be cleaned easily using the included fabric cleaner and is guaranteed to leave your Picanto looking as good as new.

If you plan to have a few drinks while you’re out of town but still want to be safe behind the wheel, why not purchase a new Kia Picanto steering wheel and foot levers kit? With the Kia Picanto steering wheel and foot levers kit you’ll be able to enjoy alcoholic beverages, but safely and responsibly. The new adas and light weight innersprings in the Kia Picanto provide smooth, lightweight steering and will help you to control the vehicle. The innersprings have been designed to reduce the risk of accidents and if they fail, you won’t have to worry about them collapsing and injuring everyone on board. This is particularly important for picnics as the chairs often become the centre of attention during picnics.

A Kia Picanto is also equipped with two new innovations that enable you to entertain family and friends in comfort. The larger 8.0-inch touchscreen and flat panel screen give you more control over your drive. You will also find plenty of storage space and a large cargo area beneath the seats. The cargo bay can hold up to sixteen bags, which makes it perfect for carrying a large picnic or shopping bags. With the addition of Kia’s new entertainment options the drive and enjoyment for passengers on a long trip gets even better.

For even more convenience you can add an audio system featuring RCA output and two speakers, a touch screen, Kia’s built-in GPS navigation system, a real key with push-button start and a real memory function so that you never miss a call again. In addition to all these exciting new features the Kia Picanto is available in two new colours: gloss black highlights and metallic silver. Now that’s what you’d call extras that make a car attractive!

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