Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

The New Giulia Convertible

The newly released Alfa Romeo Giulia is equipped with all new suspension for greater flexibility. Available standard transmissions include: manual, 7-speed dual zone automatic. Available automatic transmissions include the previously announced Automatic Cruise Control and Tour grade. Standard Giulia models have received an upgraded sound system with new phase surround.

One of the most popular modifications is the availability of rear headrests. Rear headrests are a great addition to any car and provide superior seating and comfort to all passengers. They are available as either a set or individually. Other customization options include; new front grill, side skirts, side step bars, hood vents and also new Grill guard. You can even get your rear diffuser professionally modified to improve air flow. Other optional accessories include; xenon headlights, corner and door spoilers, front and rear bumpers, side pods and front and rear bump covers.

The base Alfa Romeo models come in two different fuel classes: gasoline and diesel. A gasoline models runs on a 15 inch wheelbase and can be offered with either a two-valve or three-valve fuel system. The gasoline models have larger gas tank compared to its four-cylinder brother. In order to achieve better fuel economy, the diesel engine is tuned slightly differently to produce less power for the same output. The result is an overall fuel economy that is a bit lower than the coupe.

The new Giulia Convertible has all the standard features of a typical mid-sized sedan. It has front and rear airbags, side curtain air bags, front and rear seat side airbags, seat front airbags, side window airbags, vehicle stability control, traction control, and auto door locking system. The Convertible also offers standard floor mats, which are both easy to wash and durable. The automatic transmission has been modified to improve fuel economy. It now uses a seven speed automatic transmission instead of the traditional five-speed.

Outside the cabin, the upgraded Giulia also received improvements. The front fender, trunk, fender trim, headlamp, and tail lamps now have larger fenders to improve fuel economy. The front grille has been redesigned with two new choices: the twin scoops and the dual squared grilles. The interior is also noticeably more refined, with more leather and cloth options, including headliners and upholstery.

Upgrading the exterior of the Giulia Convertible, specifically the wheel design, has given it a different look. Now the standard version is available in matt carbon fiber wheels, which offer performance similar to a racing car’s slick-factor. For those who prefer a different look, however, there is a carbon fiber option available as well. A new style called Alfa Romeo Si is available, using red brakes and aluminum side skirts. The Alfa Romeo Si has all the same design elements of its siblings, but includes red brakes and a red trim.

Both the rear and the front seats of the Giulia Convertible are completely redesigned, giving it a sporty look. There are new seat covers and new floor mats, as well as revised headliners and floorboards. An aggressive and edgy design makes the Alfa RomeoGIulia convertible even more attractive. It offers sporty and youthful looks at the same time. Designed to complement every day use, it is also equipped with powerful engines that ensure smooth driving.

The exterior of the Giulia Convertible is enhanced by a new set of bumpers and a set of alloy wheel designs. The front and rear bumpers are designed to meet with safety requirements for cars in Italy, specifically the Euro NC or Euro 5. Also, the front and rear airbags have been slightly redesigned to enhance protection. The most important interior component has been moved from the trunk to the cabin – the new Quadrifoglio seat, which also uses a newly introduced Typeinia automobile computer.

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