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Subaru Outback Accessories

Subaru Outback wants your car to look great and if you’re one of those people that just can’t get enough of Subaru, then why not consider having a Custom Mirror fitted onto your Subaru? Customisation isn’t just about making your car look its best. It’s also about making it stand out from the crowd. Having a Custom mirror is sure to increase the appeal of your car. Why should you bother when there are so many aftermarket accessories out there?

Subaru Outback is pleased to announce the search is over for the perfect Custom Mirrors solution you were looking for! Advance Auto Parts has over 1 quality Custom Mirrors available for your car, ready for in-store pickup or delivery. Choose from our vast selection of mirror frames including: Plastic, Metal, Chrome, Satin Black, Clear, and Dust Coated. No matter what colour your Subaru Outback is, you can be sure to find a Custom mirror that suits.

As well as Custom mirrors, we have a full selection of accessories to complement your car. If you’re thinking of an aftermarket accessory, our selection of stylish wheel trim kits will have your wheels taking notice. Or if you’re thinking of keeping things low-cost, why not think about installing an under-sbody LED light kit? For a fraction of the standard price you’d expect to pay, our quality upgrade lights allow you to light your ride at night and see clearly. With a large selection of colours available, our LED lights are a stylish and effective addition to your car.

When considering accessories, it’s easy to get carried away with the latest and greatest. However, it’s important not to spend too much time and money on things that really aren’t necessary. Why not make the most of your Subaru’s versatile drive system by customising it with an organizer kit? Whether you’re looking to store small items, or a larger item such as a wheelchair, our organizers are universal fitments that work with all vehicles. And since most organizers are made from strong, weatherproof fabric, even the most remote of attachments will withstand the elements.

Another aspect of your car that could use some attention is the dashboard. The Dashboard can be made to work with or without a frame, and is often where you’ll find the majority of controls installed. A popular modification is a new centre-mounted digital instrument panel, giving you access to a host of functions without opening up the dash. Our compatible screens offer a wide range of functions including; speedometer, odometer, trip meter, fuel gauge, LCD touch screen, dual-axis compass, vehicle tracking. As with our other products, our screens can be easily adapted to any Subaru type ( Legacy, Impreza, FR sedan, etc.)

What about a Navigation System? Subaru Outback is equipped with a high quality GPS navigation system, the latest in car electronics. Its large, full-color display will allow you to see where you are, how far you have gone, and how fast you are advancing. You’ll easily be able to find your way from one point to the next. You’ll be surprised at just how accurate our GPS is, even when it gets a little restless during your travels.

A little something that everyone wants after a day’s hard work is a good night’s sleep. Subaru Outback ensures this by including a complimentary double pillow. Not only does it help you get a good nights sleep, it also helps combat neck and shoulder pain caused by long drives. The pillow has adjustable padding so it’s comfortable regardless of your seating position. This accessory is easily removed for cleaning or changing bed covers. Other accessories include a bed cooler and a cargo net.

No matter what extras you want, such as power locks and a sunroof, Subaru Outback has it. Whether you want to make your wagon as secure as a Class Line vehicle or simply add some performance enhancements, Outback parts have it all. With so many choices in styles and colors, you’re sure to find just the right accessories to fit your style.

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