Fri. May 24th, 2024

All-New Nissan Magnite Exterior

The Nissan Magnite is the latest sub-compact car from the award winning Nissan brand, and the company’s claim to be “the most affordable car in the world.” The Nissan Magnite is a reasonably priced SUV the company claims will seal Nissan’s commitment to its African Market in the competitive low-income segment. Nissan is one of the oldest markets in Africa, and have spent many years developing the brand in many areas, including in Kenya. We take a look at the latest news from Nissan’s Africa division.

– Nissan releases the Nissan Magnite, the first sub-compact sedan. The car is Nissan’s second most profitable vehicle, behind its line of premium sedans. The name Magnum refers to the powerful performance it gives both on roads and off. Nissan has worked hard to ensure the vehicle meets tough environmental standards, whilst providing value for money to all its customers. The car’s two main performance categories are SUV and sedan, and the Nissan Magnite falls neatly into the second category. The sedan version is rated highly in passenger space, cargo space, and safety features, particularly thanks to the strong torque and low profile engine.

– Nissan’s high end SUV models continue to remain a firm favourite with consumers. The redesigned Toyota Hiace has just started production, but already the sales have picked up. The crossover genre has proven to be very successful over recent years, with recent releases from VW and Citroen. Nissan aims to ride on this success by releasing the Magnite, which borrows some design elements from its outgoing siblings. Expect to see strong styling and increased power levels, as well as higher fuel consumption and lower pricing.

– If you’re looking for a stylish and sporty vehicle, then the new nissan magnite exterior is perfect for you. The compact and lightweight bodywork is full of strong angles and powerful vents. It gives a sporty, dynamic look that’s both practical and attractive. Like the all-acrylic sedan, the hatch has strong head and tail lights, featuring convex and dual halo light extensions. You’ll also find large LED tail lamps and LED fog lights, as well as HID kits and projector headlights.

– In terms of fuel consumption, the new Nissan Magnite gets higher ratings than its predecessor. The redesigned front end has larger air vents, as well as a larger area behind the seats to help cool down the engine. The redesigned grille has larger intakes and twin side vents to improve fuel efficiency. Both the compact suv and the Magnum come standard with Nissan’s All Weather quad exhaust. In addition, the two vehicles also get models with manual transmissions, but the Magnum gains an automatic model as standard.

– Nissan’s all-LED front light package comes as standard on the compact and sedan versions of the Magnit. This comprehensive package provides compact Nissan sedans with up to 39 percent more lighting capacity than before. And the front and rear LED lighting increases by another five percent, to provide twice the lighting capacity. Nissan claims this increased lighting capacity helps improve daytime running lights and brake light performance.

– Despite its powerful performance, the new Nissan magnite suv still manages to retain its smallish nature at the heart of the car. The vehicle still comes in one color, which is ‘Black’. Despite being able to grow and shrink to allow for various modifications, the exterior of the Nissan Magnite remains largely unchanged. The result is a vehicle that can handle any type of off road abuse with ease.

– Nissan’s answer to the potent V-tech performance sedan was always going to be built upon a high quality foundation. This resulted in Nissan’s all-LED headlamp design and the all-new Magnit’s powerful performance capabilities. It also enables Nissan to save over half a million litres of fuel every year on the global stage. And these savings are transferred directly into the pockets of Nissan dealers across the world. With the introduction of the Magnit, Nissan is now one of the biggest players in the compact SUV segment, thanks to its powerful all-LED daytime running lights and strong combustion engine.

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