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Classic Car Insurance Gets Modern

Classic car insurance has many advantages. Not only can it cover repairs to your classic car in the event of an accident, it will also protect your vehicle against environmental damage and theft. It also comes with several types of coverage, such as personal injury protection for you and your passengers. Additional features include uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and traveling collector coverage, which protects you from losses while on the road. You can even save money by bundling multiple policies in one.

Some insurance companies require that classic cars be driven a certain number of miles per year, have a clean driving record, and be kept in a fully enclosed, climate-controlled garage. Other types of classic car insurance are available for newer cars. In addition to these features, some insurers even offer additional coverages, such as spare parts coverage, and will even cover the cost of auto memorabilia. If you’re not sure whether your classic car needs a policy, contact Jerry, an insurance agent.

Depending on your budget, American Modern offers several policy options based on mileage. From 1,000 miles per year to unlimited, you can choose the plan that best suits your needs. Moreover, they offer extra benefits such as roadside assistance and flatbed towing. You can also take advantage of the no-deductible option. And if you’re not a driver, you may want to consider a plan that includes a low deductible.

NJM is another company offering classic car insurance. Not only is the coverage affordable, but it also provides valuable coverage for your classic car. You can also include your collectible in the policy, up to its agreed value. If you’re planning on restoring your classic car, you’ll be glad to know that you can get a free subscription to the Hagerty Drivers Club. This club is very popular among classic car owners, and they also offer discounts on Hagerty magazine and free events.

Hagerty is one of the few companies that offers classic car insurance that is not only affordable, but also very comprehensive. The insurance company covers cars in the process of restoration, and will even insure you if you purchase a new car before adding it to your policy. Hagerty’s claims department is expert and can help you locate hard-to-find parts for your classic. And they have a driver’s club for collectors, and they also have a program that helps you rent a classic car when you are not using it.

Some insurers allow you to drive your classic car at auto clubs or car shows, while others restrict the mileage you drive to a certain limit each year. Other insurers require you to park your car in a locked facility when not in use. For collector car insurance, mileage limits can vary widely, but yearly mileage requirements are usually between 3,000 and 6,000 miles. Generally, classic cars are best used for special events, not for everyday commuting.

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