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What You Need to Know About Commencal Bikes

Commencal pays close attention to detail when it comes to designing its kids’ bikes. The company’s engineers take the time to design their bikes with kids’ weight and size in mind. There are four main types of Commencal bikes, including electric power-assisted, manual, and mountain bikes. The company also offers special edition bikes that are geared toward specific age groups. This makes Commencal bikes ideal for kids. To learn more about Commencal bikes, read on.

Commencal bikes are ideal for long rides, and their kinematics have been redesigned to reduce leg fatigue. They also feature a rear suspension system that features 160mm of travel, which helps riders enjoy longer rides without feeling a pinch. The brand’s high level of comfort has led many cyclists to purchase Commencal bikes, and their bikes are a great choice for long distance racing. The 160mm front and rear suspension systems make them an ideal choice for cyclists of all ages.

The company is committed to improving the bike’s performance and value. In fact, the latest Clash model is designed to improve pedal efficiency, and the new Commencal Clash has 27-inch wheels. It is an ideal bike for freeride singletracks and jumps, and offers a low level of downforce. The company is also expanding its global presence, and is confident that this expansion will continue to propel the brand’s growth.

Commencal’s enduro bike line is one of the best on the market. The Meta AM 29 is an outstanding model in this category, and the other enduro bikes in this line are good as well. The company has taken the knowledge and experience gained from its riders at the EWS to improve the bike’s performance. Moreover, the new Meta AM 29 is even more affordable than its predecessor. If you’re looking to purchase an enduro bike, check out Commencal’s website.

As a direct-to-consumer company, Commencal bikes are an excellent value. Unlike other direct-to-consumer brands, Commencal bikes have higher-end components compared to other similar-priced bikes. And with the Meta TR 29 build kit, you can get maximum all-round performance without compromising the downhill bias. It’s also a good option if you’re looking for the lightest bike.

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