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2024 Citroen C3

The 2024 Citroen C3 will carry on much the same way as the current model. It will be based on the CMP platform that underpins the Peugeot 208 supermini, Opel Corsa and Stellantis B-SUVs. The upcoming car will feature intelligent cost-cutting options, making it even more affordable than the current model. The car will also remain competitive with rivals like Dacia and Opel Corsa.

The C3 is one of the most popular small cars on the market. It was introduced in the mid-2000s and has been in production for a few years. The current generation of the Citroen C3 is six years old. Carlos Tavares, the head of the Stellantis group, initially wanted to introduce the new C3 globally, distributing it directly in Europe. However, his plans were changed after Vincent Cobee convinced him to bring the car to Europe.

The New C3 is a versatile hatchback. It is less than four metres long. Its steep bonnet provides good visibility, which is useful in major cities. The high position of the driver’s seat also enhances external visibility. Citroen has tried to make the New C3 a value-for-money vehicle by optimising every square centimetre. Hence, the new Citroen C3 is not only durable, but also cost-effective to run and maintain.

The next generation Citroen C3 is expected to be introduced in 2024. It will be based on the CMP platform that already underpins the Peugeot 2008 and Opel Mokka. The second-generation Citroen C3 will also be based on the CMP platform. The French carmaker also plans to introduce the C3 Aircross on the CMP platform.

The new C3 will be offered in various colour schemes. There will be an array of accessories available, designed specifically for each region. Moreover, the C3 will feature two-tone bodywork, which will allow for a wider combination of colours. In India, it will be available in 11 customisation variants.

The next Citroen C3 will be available in an all-electric version. The e-C3 is expected to be powered by an electric motor with a capacity of 50 kWh. Its range is about three hundred and forty five kilometers. Rumors suggest that a 99-bhp version will also be available. Citroen India has not confirmed the news, however.

The second-generation Citroen C3 will be more aggressive. Its front-end will feature an acute headlight and highlighted hood. The new C3 will also have a wide passenger zone. The C3 will also be larger than the outgoing model, based on the CMP/e-CMP platform. It will also be offered in a range of bright colors, with the option to customize its styling with a wide variety of decorative packages.

While the New C3 will be a luxury car, it will also have practical features that will be useful in Indian conditions. The car will come with an integrated 2DIN audio system, USB & Auxiliary Input, Child Safety Locks, Power Door Locks, and Seat Belts. The car will also have a rear reading lamp and Bluetooth connectivity.

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